Jan 14, 2013

Study Abroad : Make it an Experience To Cherish

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What are the problems that are faced by a student who is going abroad for higher studies? Well to be honest enough, there are some issues but none that can’t be resolved and will bother you for a long time. These are teething problems and you are bound to face them, according to a survey conducted by Visas Simply, the most common problems that students face are finding an accommodation, adjusting to an alien environment, food, culture, making new friends, visa and believe it or not homesickness. These problems are very generic and it is not necessary that every individual will face them. In this blog we shall discuss how to cope up with these problems and also we shall discuss some tips that will be helpful in the longer run. Study For Net Of Being (2)

Getting Started

The first thing you should do is get enrolled in a college/university, do an extensive research about the college/university you are taking admission into, validate the college’s authenticity and affiliations, do a cross check with the relevant authorities, in case you are hiring an agent, make sure that the agent is registered with the college/university and is authorised to take admission on its behalf. Once you get your enrolment is done, make sure you apply for a visa. You should have all the relevant documents and funds ready before you apply for the student visa. This will make the visa process hassle free.

Getting There

Once your visa is issued and your flight tickets are ready, you are good to go. You just need to keep few things in mind before you leave, do a thorough research about the country’s weather conditions and choose your wardrobe accordingly, always keep your important documents like passport, educational certificates ready and keep them safely, it is always advisable to keep plastic money instead of cash.

Once you have reached to your destination the biggest problem you are going to face is that of accommodation, it is advisable to stay in the college hostel initially, but if you are not willing to stay in a hostel or you couldn’t get a hostel seat you can always stay in a hotel/motel till you get your accommodation. It is advisable to book the hotel/motel beforehand. You can rent a flat before you arrive and can move directly in it on your arrival, you can also look on the internet there are hundreds of websites which provide accommodation and if you are lucky enough you can also find a flatmate. Once you are in college and your circle grows and you know the place better you can always look for better places to stay.

Adjusting to the new environment is another issues faced by migrant students, though it is tough initially the more you explore the place more comfortable you will get with it. Try to interact with the local students and residents, try to make some new friends and before you know it you will be a part of them. You should be exploring the city as much as possible during the initial period, try to learn about their culture and respect it. Learn new this about the place, every place has so many interesting stories to tell, cherish them. Food nowadays is no longer a problem with the migrants as more often than not they find all kind of food everywhere, try also to enjoy the local cuisines, develop your taste buds. You should try and learn the local language, read the local news and keep yourself abreast with situation around you. The idea here is not to be lonely or bored, cultivate the habit of reading or try to learn how to play a musical instrument.

You should also participate a lot in the extracurricular activities in your college/university, this will help you to make new friends and also will help you develop your skills.

Enjoy Your Stay
You are in a foreign country, realizing your dream of studying abroad, trying for a better future. All this might take a toll on you mentally, you should always keep in mind that working hard is good but you should also have your share of fun, try to find a balance in between and try to make the most of the opportunity you have.

Here are few guidelines regarding some of the in demand student visas:

1) Australia Student Visa: Australia is among the most favored nation for education. The different type of student visas in Australia are:

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Australia Student Visa 570

Australia Student Visa 571

Australia Student Visa 572

Australia Student Visa 573

Australia Student Visa 574

Australia Student Visa 575


2) Canada Student Visa: If you want to apply apply for Canadian student visa, you should be enrolled in any of the recognized universities/colleges or institute in Canada.You should have sufficient funds, you you should be of good health and character.

3) UK Student Visa: United Kingdom’s student visa is known as Tier 4 visa, which is further divided into :

Tier 4 (Child Students – 4 to 17 years of age)

Tier 4 (General Students)

4) USA student Visa: The USA student visa is also known as

F 1 visa – This visa is for full time students.

M 1 visa – This visa is for students in vocational and non academic program, other than language training.