Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Administrative Appeals Tribunal

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal is an organisation that reviews a wide range of decisions made by Australian Government ministers, departments, agencies and some other tribunals. The AAT takes a fresh look at a decision and decides if it should stay the same or be changed. The AAT is independent of the person or organisation that made the decision.

What The AAT Can Do?

The AAT can review many decisions made under Commonwealth laws. For example, AAT can review decisions about:

  • Australian citizenship
  • Decisions cancelling business visa
  • Criminal deportation cases
  • Decisions refusing or cancelling visa on character grounds

What The AAT Can’t Do?

The AAT can’t review:

  • Every decision made by the Australian Government
  • Decisions made under state or territory laws, or
  • Decisions made by local governments

Decision can be reviewed only if the law states that an application can be made to the AAT.

How Can Visas Simply Help?

Our AAT review service offers a comprehensive package of benefits designed to present your case in the best possible way to the AAT including:

  • A thorough review of your case and the reason(s) for the refusal
  • Review of your existing supporting documents and suggestions for improvement where necessary
  • Assistance with preparation of witness statements and other supporting documents
  • Review of previous AAT and Federal Court cases that may support your visa application
  • Creation of a thorough written submission for your AAT review along with all forms required by the AAT
  • Lodgement of your case with the AAT and handling all communications from the AAT regarding your case