Jan 12, 2013

Working Abroad : Benefits Unlimited

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The advent of multinational companies and the shortage of skilled labor in developed countries especially in the IT and medical sector has led to an increase in expats in these countries. Countries like Australia, Canada, US and UK have seen a surge in the number of immigrants every year. It’s a positive trend that has started over a period of few years. Countries like Canada and Australia are economically very strong and even during this period where the world has just come out of recession they are economically very stable and doing better than their counterparts.

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It’s the right time to be someone who wants to work abroad because the opportunities are unlimited. Australia and Canada are two countries that are welcoming skilled workers with open arms. They have a list of occupation that they need workers for, and if you match that occupation list then you can apply. Working abroad has lots of benefits; we shall discuss these in this blog.
Benefits of working abroad:


1) Adds value to your CV: Working abroad adds value to your resume. It shows that you adaptable to any condition. You have the skills required that is required to succeed in an international level. The experience that you will get will be a high point of your professional career.

2) Skill development: Working abroad lets you polish your latent skills. It boosts your confidence. You know that your performance is the key to your success, and you keep improving your performance and keep developing new skills.

3) Learn about new culture: When you are working abroad you learn about that countries culture, you learn about how the people conduct themselves, you learn about their traditions and appreciate them.

4) Learn new languages: If you working abroad, you will learn new languages because you will be interacting with locals and it’s a good thing because you only enhance your language skills.

5) Remuneration: Working abroad helps you increase your salary, if an employer is hiring you, be assured that you will have a good salary package.

6) Improved lifestyle and medical facilities: Working abroad helps you to better your lifestyle; you will have good facilities, be it shopping experience or medical facilities or education for your children. Working abroad is an experience to cherish, you make new friends, learn new things, make memories of a lifetime and best part is you get paid for it.

If you want to go to Australia or Canada for work, you will need a work visa. Given below are the work visa for Australia and Canada.

Australia Work Visa:
If you want to work in Australia you need a work visa, the different category of visa are:

Australia 2009


If you want to work in Canada, the work visas are: