Australian Permanent Residency

Australian Permanent Residency


Australia is one of the most wonderful countries with great opportunities and high quality of life that magnetises immigrants from all over the world. With Permanent Resident status in Australia, you can live and settle in Australia permanently and enjoy rights similar to an Australian Citizen, without actually being one.

Benefits of Permanent Residency(PR) in Australia
Below are the rights and privileges being given to a permanent resident of Australia:

  • Live in Australia indefinitely
  • Leave & enter Australia frequently in the first five years
  • Apply for Australian citizenship
  • Access to free or subsidised legal & health services
  • Sponsor your relatives subject to fulfilling residence criteria & assurance of support requirements
  • Gives you right to apply for Australian consular assistance overseas
  • Right to travel, live, work and study in New Zealand
  • Children born inside Australia will be an Australian citizen by birth

Skilled Independent Permanent (189)

If you are a skilled worker with skills that are high in demand in Australia, then you can migrate to Australia under the Skilled - Independent Visa (subclass 189), without any state or family sponsorship.

Skilled Nominated Permanent (190)

The State Nomination (190) visa is meant for highly skilled workers to obtain Australian permanent residency through sponsorship from an Australian state. The Australian states sponsor skilled candidates who have skills in the occupation in demand in the particular state.

Employer Nomination Scheme (186)

The Employer Nomination Scheme is meant for skilled workers to work in Australia & settle as permanent residents. In this scheme, an eligible employer sponsors you to work and settle in Australia.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (494)

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme enables skilled workers to work in regional Australia & attain permanent residence. Under this scheme, the applicant has to work and live for the regional employer for 3 years and earn a certain income for 3 years to qualify for permanent residence.

Australian Point Test

Take the Australian point test now and know your eligibility for Australian permanent residence.

Skill Select Australia

Skill Select is an online service that helps Australia manage its skilled migration programme.