O1 Visa

O1 Visa

The people who have extraordinary abilities and have astonishing achievements in the field of sciences, arts, education, business, athletics and others are granted the O1 visa by United States. This is non-immigrant visa for internationally recognized people. This visa is being permitted to only those who hold expertise in their field. The O1 visa applicants are small in number as these are only given to those who are well recognized because of their achievements.

The major eligibility criteria for this type of visa are-

  • The applicant must be renowned and internationally recognized
  • The applicant work and stay in US on temporary basis
  • The applicant must show the evidence of extraordinary achievements
  • The applicant must submit Form I-129
  • The O1 visa is been granted initially for the period of 3 years and extensions are granted.
  • They can apply for green card status while holding the O1 status and remain in US permanently
  • The assistant of the O1 visa holder can also accompany to help in events through O2 visa
  • Spouse and children of the applicant can accompany the O1 visa holder through O3 visa

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