E1 Visa

E1 Treaty Trader Visa USA

The United States have signed various treaties with different nations to maintain cordial relationship of trade and commerce. To maintain this relation US issue treaty visa which is E1 visa to foreign nationals so that they can come to the US and carry out certain trading in the country. This E1 visa is a non immigrant visa. The nationals with bilateral treaties are specially granted this type of visa. To qualify for this visa the applicant must be the citizen of a treaty nation. The applicant should be an executive and manager of the company, owing 50% of the company.

  • There needs to be substantial number of trade transactions between the US and the treaty country.
  • To trade between the US and the treaty country there should be a substantial dollar value.
  • The majority of the international trade should be between the treaty nation and US including import and export.
  • The applicant should have sufficient experience in trading and developing business.
  • The trader having a past history of conducting trade between the US and the treaty country will be beneficial.
  • Can travel to part of US freely.
  • Can work in US Company that has trade relations with the treaty nation and company of the visa holder but the visa has to be sponsored by the company.
  • The holder can study in the University of US but not enroll in full-time program.
  • This visa can be renewed numerous times as the visa is valid for 2 years.
  • Spouse and children under the age of 21 can come and stay along the E1 visa holder. They can study in any school and university without having to apply for student visa

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