Tourist Visa UK

Tourist Visa UK

United Kingdom is favorite holiday destination among tourists across the world and continues to attract millions of visitors. UK traditional appeal attracts everyone whether it is a family and couple or it is young and old. It is a friendly country with bustling towns, imposing 19th century buildings and vibrant theatre life. General visitors can come to UK for up to six months through general UK visitor visas. This type of Visa is suitable for anyone coming to UK for a holiday, to attend graduation or for a stay of short period of time. General Visitor visas cannot be extended and general visitors are not entitled to work or study during their stay. The visitors in this case must be able to show that they will return home by the end of six-months.

Visiting as a friends or Tourists

If you want to visit UK as a tourist or to stay with friends in the UK, you should apply to come here as a general visitor (or as child visitor if you are under 18). If a Chinese national wants to come to UK for more than thirty days, he or she can apply as an ADS visitor. There are restrictions on what you can do in the UK in these visitor categories.

Visiting Family

If you want to visit your family in UK, you should apply as a family visitor or as a child visitor. If you want to stay longer than 6 months, you cannot apply as a visitor.

Visiting to do Business

The United Kingdom offers a wide range of work visas and business visas to cater the needs of highly skilled migrants. This includes those immigrating to UK to take up an employment and those who wish to invest in the UK economy or start a business. The Business Visitor visa is a fast and effective visa for those who wish to travel to UK in order to conduct a range of business activities including visiting conferences and attending meetings.

Visiting to Study

If you want to study in UK for up to 6 months and do not intend to work when within the duration of visa, you can go to UK under student visitor visa (or as a child visitor if you are under 18). If you intend to study in the UK under Tier 4 of the points-based system, but you have not completed the arrangements for your course of study, you might be able to apply for a visa as a prospective student.

Applying for a UK visitor Visa:

To apply for this kind of Visa, the applicant must be able to support themselves financially during their stay in United Kingdom. Candidates must also be able to show that they genuinely intend to return to their country of residence on or before the expiry of their visa. It is important to note that the immigration history of the applicants family as well as the applicants themselves may be taken into account.