Traders Visa

Treaty Traders Visa USA

The United States of America have treaties signed with different countries to maintain trade relations with various nations. To encourage trade relations, US issues treaty visas to foreign nationals which helps them to arrive in US and carry out international trade in the country. This visa is a kind of non-immigrant visa. The individuals with bilateral treaties are eligible for this kind of visa. Also, the applicant should be from a treaty nation in order to qualify for this visa. A manager or executive owing at least 50% of the company can apply for this kind of visa.

E1 Treaty Trader Visa

There are two kinds of trader visas, E-1 Treaty trader visa and E-2 Treaty Investor visa. This classification is based upon agreement of companionship, trade and navigation or bilateral investment ties or some treaties between US and other nations.
E2 Treaty Investor Visa

Treaty Investor Visa permits foreign nationals from countries that have treaties with United States for the aim of establishing a trade. No INS approval is required for these visas but a more than 50 percent trade is required between the two countries. Various factors such as creation of jobs in United States and upcoming capability of business growth are considered in adjudicating these visas.
How to Get an E1/E2 Visa

Each application must be well-documented with supporting evidences that all requirements are met. The initial treaty application is arbitrated by the US embassy. Further processing is done by Citizenship and Immigration center. A foreign national can also sponsor a dependent once this visa is granted. The sponsored spouses can afterwards apply for approval in US.

A foreign national is eligible for an E-1 visa if:

  • The foreign national or the company belongs to a treaty nation.
  • There is more than 50 percent trade between US and treaty nation.
  • The applicant must enter in US alone to carry out trade.
  • He or she should be a dependent of investor or employer.

Duration of stay for E1 and E2 visa holders

Both treaty visas are issued for up to five years but are usually issued for two years at once. The number of extensions is not limited for these visas. These visas can extend as long as eligibility the relevant trade treaty remains.