Business Visa NZ

Citizens from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies except Australia need to apply for a work visa, if they wish to reside temporarily (no longer than three months in any one year) in New Zealand for business purpose. This visa is meant for those who are in New Zealand on a business trip. The visa allows you to enter or re-enter New Zealand. It also gives you the permission to travel New Zealand and apply for a work permit upon arrival. The visa may be single for one journey or multiple for more than one journey and may be issued for up to three years’ duration.

Intra-company transfer/work visa

The multiple entry work visa is for companies who wish to send their manager or specialist to their New Zealand subsidiaries or New Zealand companies who wish to hire foreign manager or specialist on contract. This visa is also issued to applicants who wish to set up their New Zealand business, but do not want to stay in New Zealand permanently. It is also meant for applicants who might later opt for a long term visa under the Entrepreneur category. The applicants who are considered successful will be granted a three-year visa.

Documentation Required

  • Passport or equivalent travel document
  • Completed application form with passport photo attached
  • Sufficient funds for maintenance and accommodation or guarantee of maintenance and accommodation by the employer
  • Evidence of arrangements to leave New Zealand or guarantee of repatriation from the New Zealand employer.
  • Job offer setting out conditions of employment (In some circumstances evidence will be required of attempts to recruit from within New Zealand.
  • Additional documentation may be required.

Application process

The application process can take in between 7 to 40 days.


Work visas are valid for a period of 3 years. The visa applicant can stay as long as the visa is valid. You can extend the work permit for up to three years at a time without leaving New Zealand.

Bringing your family

The dependent family members of the work visa applicant can also apply in order to accompany the applicant. In case they wish to accompany, they will have to apply as a visitor or students (if they wish to study). If the dependent family members wish to work in New Zealand, they will have to qualify for a work permit.