Artist Visa

Artist Visa

Immigration to the United States always have issues that foreign nationals encounter when crossing the border, applying for visas, organizing a tour, finding employment in a new country and relocating. It is very annoying time as it is very important that the visa processing matters go smooth and swift.

O-1 visa is a temporary non-immigrant work visa, given to foreigners of extraordinary abilities in the field of art, business, science, television and motion pictures which has been recognized internationally. This visa category helps those who are remarkably skilled but are not eligible for the other USA visa categories. If an individual has to confirm extraordinary competence in the field of education, science, athletics and business, the applicant can submit international distinction such as Olympic medals, Nobel Prize or any internationally recognized awards, indication that the individual holds a critical position in any organization that requires extraordinary skills, or has authentic scientific research work that has been advertised in major almanac within the applicants field.

P visa, which is also known as the Performer visa, is specially designed for performing groups including exclusive cultural performance athletes, groups, coaches and teachers. This is option through which an individual can legally enter United States. Admittance to the United States with this type of visa is limited to specific performances, competitions, and or events. Basically there are three different types of P visas. They are:

The P-1 Visa – This visa is planned for internationally acclaimed entertainers or athletes. The person applying for the visa must also be part of a group.

The P-2 Visa – This visa is specifically reserved for artists and/or entertainers. Entertainers or artists who are going to give performance under reciprocal exchange program should apply for P2 visas. For instance, Canada and United States can temporarily exchange artists. This visa grants an individual to apply independently. You can only stay in the United States for up to one year along with this visa approval. There are no travel restrictions with this visa and you can enter and the leave the U.S. with proper documentation.

The P-3 Visa – This visa is reserved for culturally unique entertainers or artists who are teaching or representing their culture or cultural performances.

The P2 or the USA Artist Visa is a non- immigrant visa, which allows the foreign crew and bands to enter legally into the country and perform as part of an exchange program. A person must be coming temporarily to the US to perform as an entertainer/artist to qualify for P2 visa eligibility. He may be coming as a part of a group or individually as part of a reciprocal (mutual) exchange program.

Privileges of Artist Visa (P2 Visa) USA

  • Enter the U.S. and perform for payment or prize money
  • Engage in part time study
  • Apply for visas for accompanying essential support personnel
  • Apply for P-4 visas for dependents