Apr 19, 2013

Fast Track Your Career: Study in Canada

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Canada is fast turning out to be one of the preferred destinations for education among international students and the facts speak for itself. Canada has over 150 colleges and institute; there are over 90 public and non-profit universities. There are 20 research universities in Canada that feature in THES-QS Top University ranking. Canadian universities provide all types of programs be it degree, diploma or certificate courses.

Canada offers immense support to the international students. According to a report over 150,000 international students enter Canada to pursue various courses. Over 5% of foreign student worldwide enrolled in Canadian universities and institutes. Students from countries like India, China, South Korea, USA, Japan & France constitute a majority of them.

Canada’s education system is very efficient and credit must be given to the Canadian government for it. Canada spends a lot on its education sector. Canada dedicates the highest level of funding to post-secondary of any of the G7 nation. Canada spends more than 2. 6 % of its GDP on tertiary education. The Council of Ministers of Education, Canada helps to maintain the quality of education in Canada. Canada has a strong culture of innovation and the research facilities here are excellent. Canadian institutes emphasize a lot on the practical knowledge and not just bookish knowledge.

Canadian universities are known for their world class faculty, infrastructure, libraries and research facilities. The courses that are offered in Canada are rigorous and exhaustive and are acknowledged worldwide and amongst employers. Canadian universities have state of the art facilities and good infrastructure for sports.

Canadian universities are cosmopolitan in nature and have students from all over the word, it helps to learn about new cultures, make new friends and learn new languages, in fact Canada is considered a world leader in language training.. Canada is also one of the safest countries in the world and environment wise also it’s very clean and it also boasts of a good lifestyle and culture.

Given below is the list of top Canadian Universities:

1) University of Toronto

2) The University of British Columbia

3) Mcgill University

4) University of Alberta

5) University of waterloo

6) Simon Fraser University

7) York University

8) University of Calgary

9) University of Victoria

10) Universite’ Laval

If you are a foreign national you should have a Canadian student visa. To be eligible for Canadian student visa you must:

· Be accepted by a school, college, university or other educational institute in Canada.

· Have enough funds

· Be a law abiding citizen with no previous criminal record

· Be of good health
· Satisfy an immigration officer that you will leave Canada when you have completed your studies.