Apr 16, 2013

Australian Working Holiday Visa: The Best Way To Explore Australia

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Australia has always been a favored holiday destination across the globe. Australia finds resonance amongst youngsters because its sun kissed pristine beaches, the amazing nightlife, and great culture for sports. Australia is also known for its adventure sports, vineyards and obviously the awesome Australian beer.

The working holiday visa gives an opportunity to youngsters between the age of 18 to 30 to visit Australia and stay there for a period of twelve month but the best part is that this visa allows you to work and supplement your holidays.


Youngsters can choose between varieties of jobs, it helps to youngsters to gain hands on work experience, mingle between the locals, learn about the culture, make new friends and also earn money. It is not necessary that a person sticks to one place only, as you explore Australia and move to various places, you can change your job too. Most exciting jobs which are also very popular among youngsters are farm jobs, jobs at vineyards, surfing trainers, bartenders, hotel jobs etc.

Working holiday visa is a unique way to explore Australia, it provides an opportunity to not only explore the great nation but also earn some invaluable overseas work experience.

To be eligible for an Australian working holiday visa, you should meet the below requirements:

  1. You should be between the age of 18 and 20.
  2. You should be outside Australia when you apply for this visa and when the visa is granted.
  3. You should not be accompanied by dependent children.
  4. You should be of sound health and character.
  5. You should enough funds (Minimum AUD 5000).
  6. You should have medical insurance.
  7. You should have a return ticket.
  8. You should be passport holder of a country which have working holiday arrangements with Australia.

So pack your bags and embark upon the holiday of a lifetime. Cheers.