May 1, 2014

Reasons that Canada Leads the World on Immigration

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December 18 reflects as International Migrants Day, on the 214 million international migrants in countries around the world. Canada has made determined efforts to encourage conditions in which newcomers can grow, have been attained international recognition as a leader in immigrant integration.  The deliberate efforts made by the Canadian government for Canada Immigration are fruitful to allure migrants all over the globe. Below is a brief of points.

1. Maximum Immigrant become Canadian citizens

Canada records the highest rate of migrants who has opted for being Canadian citizens eventually. Canada has always welcomed the immigrants as the permanent residents of the country; also the residents apply for the citizenship of the same. Canada has one of the highest naturalization rates in the world. The high rates of citizenship are associated with better employment opportunities along with the benefits that the permanent citizens are entitled.

2. Long-term economic success for migrants

The Canadian employers report strong satisfaction with immigrants who are chosen for their human capital through the points based system. The immigrants are satisfied with the work culture and make a mindset to live in Canada. Owning a home is one expression of the emotional and financial commitment that immigrants make to Canada and their local community, and is therefore an important factor in successful integration.

3. Educational Level is high for the Migrant’s Children

High-quality child care and early education opportunities will be critical to these children’s success in school and in life. The children get the liberty to avail the benefits of quality education. These children grow high it terms of knowledge and also earn more compared to their parents at a similar time in their lives.

4. People easily get along with each other

The people of Canada go to school together, work together, walk the same sidewalks and play in the same parks. It is often seen immigrants making inroads into leadership positions in the company boardrooms, city halls and parliaments. Another way that we know that we get along is that we marry each other. They also get along in a way that they marry the immigrants and form mixed union. Further the mixed unions have children in their household. These children will grow up as Canadians with diversity as a fact of life.

5. Supports immigration positively

Canadian government believe that immigrants make positive contributions to our country. The multicultural society of the country adds cherry to the top of the ice cream.  The citizens of Canada are social, volunteering, helping others and accepting the difference. The secure and friendly environment appeals to live in the country permanently embracing the life and culture of the country.