Feb 8, 2016

Canada Permanent Residence

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Canada Permanent Residence

In Canada, over 200,000 people are allowed every year to live in the country as a permanent resident. In order to be a PR, there is an application process to be done. After approval, the person will receive a PR (Permanent residency) card and is eligible to enjoy the rights just like other citizens of Canada (except a few).

Constant changes are being done in the immigration process of Canada. The process can be a bit complex if you are not taking help from Canada visas service providers.

Below mentioned are the category based on which, a person can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency

• Skilled Worker Class Immigration
• Business Class Immigration
• Provincial Nomination
• Family Class Immigration
• International Adoption
• Canadian Experience Class (CEC)


Skilled Worker Class Immigration

The individuals can also apply for PC to live permanently in Canada under the category of the skilled worker class. Under this category, the person is evaluated on eh basis of language ability, education, age, work experience, adaptability, and arranged employment. All these points are evaluated and then it is decided whether the candidate is capable or not. A score in between 0 to 100 is given and the minimum to apply for Canadian PR is 67.

The government of Canada also checks the criminal history of the candidate to determine the suitability. If a lady with fluent English, master’s degree no prearranges employment, no spouse living there, then she can easily get 70-80 marks and can easily apply for the PR.

Note: Your score may vary even if you pose all these mentioned factors, this is just an example.


Business Class Immigration

The business class individuals include:

• Investors
• Self-employed person
• Entrepreneurs

If you are an investor, then a total of net worth C$800,000 and C$400,000 to invest in the economy are required.

If you are an entrepreneur, then C$300,000as net worth for operating a business and one full-time job within three years is a must.

If you are a self-employed person, then there should be an intention to establish a business along with proper experience and opportunity for employment is needed.


Provincial Nomination

The provinces select applicants who are interested in living in their province and will contribute to its economic development by either investing or working in that province. For people having a special province in mind, this process allows the province to nominate individuals to be included in the immigration. After this nomination has been performed, the individual has to apply to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


Family Class Immigration

If Anya close member of your family is living in the country as a permanent resident, then it can help in getting the permanent residency. Among all the immigrants, 30% are sponsored by their family members. The sponsored member will get a time frame of 3 to 10 years to settle fully in the country.


Canadian Experience Class (CEC)


This process for the international graduates and foreign workers living in Canada temporarily and wish to be a permanent resident there. The key selection factors for this process are the work experience and Canadian education.

All the category immigrants should keep this in mind that they moist pass all the criminal and security checks to be a Canadian PR.

If you have any other question in mind, then please contact us as Visas Simply regarding your specific personal situation.