Jun 10, 2014

Precise Information on Spouse Visa Australia

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Spouse Visa Australia is undoubtedly one of the most popular visas, which is very hard to obtain. An enquiry would be done on the application granting it. As an Immigration Specialist, here is what I recommend to be done and avoided at the same time while applying for this visa. The applicants seeking for spouse visa for Australia are often committed of an easy visa processing, which is reverse of the actual conception. Even the applicant’s spouse holds permanent residency of Australia it is very tough process to go through the documentation process to acquire the Spouse Visa. No special consideration is offered to the PR holders or the Australian citizens.

Generally, for the documentation of the spouse visa processing the applicant may be asked to submit some additional documents such as evidence, which is a circumstantial demand. Each visa application differs from another. One of most important and the only document for the spouse visa application is the marriage certificate. It needs to be submitted as a proof during the spouse visa processing. Sometimes the failure of the submission of the marriage certificate results in the rejection of the application. Hence, the submission of all the significant documents will help in the smooth processing of the application. It is always better to look into the details rather than getting the application rejected in the initial stage. Every single document is considered as important evidence which helps to make your case stronger. With this, witnesses present in person would also help to the way your application is looked for the further process.

The wife as an applicant may undergo a thorough medical check up in order to make sure that she is not suffering from any chronic illness. Australia is very particular about maintaining high standards of health. All immigrants are supposed to undergo HIV and AIDS tests before they are granted visas to this country. The husband is liable to provide proof of income to show that he will be able to support his spouse during the period they are going to stay in this country. There are certain standards of life that should be maintained in this country and all immigrants should be in a position to prove to Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship that they will be able to touch the level.

Sometimes applicants fail to consult the right person for the purpose. It is not a matter of trusting your friends.  You must consult the immigration consultants who are aware of the latest laws of immigration. You may come across many private immigration firms. Don’t be convinced with one. Check the background and they tend to rely on them and the services they provide. The main purpose behind hiring a consultant is to ensure that the number of years of expertise and the much needed updated knowledge has been put together into practice. Finally hire a right consultant for the for spouse visa application process for Australia.