Jun 11, 2014

Acquire Temporary Skilled Visa to Work in Australia

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Thousands of skilled immigrants across the globe express interest and apply for temporary work visas for Australia. The most preferred temporary skilled work visa (sub class 457), temporary work visa for short stay (subclass 400), open pathways for the people who want to move Australia to work and settle there. There are mainly four categories of Temporary Working Visa for Australia that are characterized below.

1. The first category of temporary Working Visa for Australia is the Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457) -Temporary Subclass (Long Stay). This visa category enrols those people or the companies usually apply for to sponsor people from outside the country. For those people who prefer to stay for a long period like four years are eligible to apply for this visa. The 457 work visa designates the applicant to work in Australia for a long duration of four years. Also the visa grants permission to bring a secondary applicant to the country as well. The secondary applicant is privileged to work and study. Once they arrive to the country they are free of as much number of times of entry and exit as per their wish.

2. The second category of temporary Working Visa for Australia is the Labor Agreements. These agreements are done to appoint a person from outside the country who is skilled enough to help the nation according to his qualification and experience. This visa allows two to three years of stay in the country to the applicant. Also he gets the liberty to bring a secondary applicant who is allowed to work and study. Once they introduce themselves in the country, they can travel in and out of the country as many times as they want to.

3. The third category is known as Employer Sponsored Worker. This visa category differs from the previous two visas. It also has the similar privilege to bring a secondary applicant who gets the permission to work and study and also travels in and out of Australia as many times as he wants to, once he invade the country. The area where it differs is it is applicable for only three to six months and the reason must specifically to enter because of some business ventures with the Australian based company.

4. The fourth category of Australian temporary work visa is Medical Practitioner (Temporary) Visa – The Closure of Subclass 422. This is visa is especially for those who are International Medical graduates (IMGs). According to this visa the applicant can any of bring in their family members to Australia. This visa allows the applicant to get flexibility in work and also access to stream lined processing and e-lodgement.

Thus the above characterized Australian temporary work visas help to fulfil the dreams of thousands of applicants to get their right way to reach success.