Jun 16, 2014

Experience the lifetime Trip to South Australia

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Southern Australia covers states of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory.  It is surrounded by beautiful beaches, world-class vineyards, best quality food and wine. South Australians enjoy a unique way of life. Adelaide is the capital of the state of South Australia with a population of over 1.1 million people. Most of the people aspire to move to Adelaide as it is one of the cheapest countries of the world offering an excellent work balance and exceptional career and family life.

With ample employment opportunities all over the state of South Australia, it invites the skilled people across our workforce. The job opportunities and a quality of life that is envied around the world there has never been a better time to make the move. The reasons considered to move South Australia are as follows:

Easy and Comfortable Living – Adelaide is ranked eighth among world cities in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2010 Liveability Survey as the safe, secure and economical city.

Favourable weather – One can enjoy four distinct and beautiful seasons from cool winters to Mediterranean style summers here.

Activities Around – South Australia has so many activities to satisfy every interest of the migrants. It has more than 400 festivals round the year, a wide range of sporting events, and restaurants and cafes like any other city in Australia.

Quality Education – South Australia has a world-class education system for students from pre-school to post-graduate level. Carnegie Mellon and Cranfield universities and University College of London have chosen Adelaide as the base for their Asia Pacific campuses.

Excellent Job Opportunities – SA is always in search of skilled workers from all over the world. It invites people luring them with the spectrum of job profiles in within the state. If South Australia is a dream destination with a working holiday visa, Adelaide offers a wide variety of jobs in indoor and outdoor workplaces, in urban and country environments. And you will never run out of things to do after work.

The state nomination occupation list of South Australia is recently updated, which opens applications for so many job profiles. The interested candidates can apply for their desirable occupation with the criteria of performing the role and responsibilities of the occupation mentioned in the nomination list. The occupation demands IELTS score 7 in each band with the thorough assessment of the Skills Assessment Authorities like AIM, VETASSESS, Engineers Australia, TRA, ACS, CPA/ICCA/IPA, AMSA, SSSI, AIQS, AVBC, NOOSR/AITSL, DAA, AIR, APharmC, CCEA, ANZOC, Chinese Medicine Board of Australia, ADC, OTC, APC, APodC/ANZPAC, SPA, Medical Board of Australia, ANMAC, SLAA, APS, AASW, ACWA.

The Government of South Australia maintains excellent working relationships with Australian banks, local employers, relocation experts, and migration agents. These partners can assist you with the following benefits.

  • Apply for a Tax File Number (TFN)
  • Open a bank account
  • Casual and short term contract employment
  • Set up a mobile phone
  • Investigate accommodation options
  • Claim tax and superannuation refund

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