Sep 9, 2015

Easy Way to Apply for UK Permanent Residence

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The permanent residents are the one who have indefinite leaves to remain in the UK and are free from immigration controls. The child born from at least one of the British citizen will automatically be a citizen of UK.

While living with a permanent residency of UK, you cannot spend more than 2 years outside the UK as the United Kingdom will be considered you home. Also, if you are living in the United Kingdom for short periods of time, then the time is not too far that you may lose the permanent residency forever.

Benefit of becoming UK Resident
The ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) make a person able to live and work free in the United Kingdom. The person with indefinite leave to remain has access to the public funds.

The students who are holding an indefinite leave to remain visa will be charged as UK citizens, not as international students. Home student fee will be charged if they wish to study in any of the institute or university in the UK.

How to Get UK permanent residency, ILR
If you are living or have lived in the UK for a minimum of 2 and maximum of 14 years, then it makes clear that you are committed to the country on the temporary visa. The person can now apply for a permanent UK visa.

Applying for ILR (indefinite leave to remain)
After completing the limited period of living in the United Kingdom, have all the documents necessary, passed the UK test, then you can get started with the process of filing the application to get the permanent residency or ILR. Just fill the form completely and then send it along with all the relevant documents to the home office via post. You can also go directly to the home office to apply for permanent residency.

Due to the shortage of appointment slots, it is however very difficult to get an appointment UK border agency. It may take weeks for the appointment to be fixed.

If you have read all the terms and conditions for applying ILR, then it won’t be much difficult to get the PR. For those who are in urgent need of getting ILR, it is recommended to contact the expert visas services provider and that is Visas Simply. Contact us for more information about UK Visas.

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2 thoughts on “Easy Way to Apply for UK Permanent Residence

  1. If my great great grandmother was born and lived in Scotland am I eligible for UK permanent residency status?

    1. Dear Rebecca,
      Thanks for making an Enquiry. If your Great Grandmother was born and lived in Scotland it might be the possibility you may be eligible for Ancestry Visa. Which would allow you to live and work in the United Kingdom. On the basis of Grand Parents UK Citizenship, you would not be eligible for Permanent Residency straight away, unless on the day one of your biological parents were born and one of there parents were UK citizens on that day.
      To give you more accurate answer and provide you with the best solution. Please click on the below link and provide your details and we will get in touch with you to further access your situation and find you the best solution.


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