Jun 11, 2014

Detailed Calendar for Australian PR

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Australia has always been among the top preferences for the immigrants who are interested in settling down and begin a new lease of life. One of the wonderful continents with a stable economy, amazing natural beauty, multicultural environment, high quality lifestyle and it goes so on. It warmly welcomes foreign immigrants with exceptional qualifications to embrace the golden opportunity that elevates that dignity in terms and work and lifestyle. For settling down in Australia you require an Australian PR. There are many advantages of being a permanent resident of Australia. For being a permanent resident of Australia, you will be provided a permanent visa. The Australian PR designates the right to live in Australia. You have the liberty to enjoy the facilities of unlimited travel to and from Australia once you become a permanent resident of the country. The time period of the permanent visa is given for five years initially and further it needs to be applied again from being within or outside Australia.

Once you have acquired the PR of Australia you get the liberty to enjoy unlimited freedom like a local Australian and are eligible to pursue any of your preferable courses. Permanent residents get the right to choose when it comes to University education. Also there are education loans available only to permanent residents of the country. The educational loans are acutely helpful in managing your finances and balance the additional expenses associated with your education. Another important aspect of Australian Permanent Resident is work permit. The Permanent residents of Australia can work for any employer in any occupation. There are no significant distinguished industrial laws between the permanent residents and citizens.  The permanent residents revel in the same benefits under these laws as the citizens of Australia.  Also they can claim the worker’s compensation by being a part o the trade union. On the bases of security the permanent residents must hold on for a maximum period of two years before they touch the eligibility boundary to avail the social security benefits like sickness, unemployment and student benefits that are offered by Australia’s Social Security Department.

One of most important benefit that the permanent residents enjoy is health care. The permanent resident of Australia has the right of health insurance scheme run by the government called Medicare. Under the Medicare scheme, you are entitled to receive free treatment at a public hospital and subsidized medicine. The Australian permanent residents can also sponsor their relatives for acquisition of permanent residence only if the applicant meets certain residence and support assurance essentials. The children of permanent residents who are born in Australia are presumed Australian citizens by birth. They enjoy the maximum benefits in the field of education and health care. The permanent residents have the right to take up some professions in Australia like that of a migration agent or any government position. The Australian permanent residents are also granted the right to travel to New Zealand and apply for a New Zealand Visa. This is a provision that has been granted by the government of New Zealand. There are many non government organisations who lad you with successful PR for Australia. So, move ahead with adding colours to your dream of settling permanently in Australia.