Apr 23, 2014

Why Choose Study in UK?

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United Kingdom is known for its outstanding teaching and facilities; the colleges offer you a world-class higher education and qualifications that are respected by employers and academics worldwide.

UK higher education is further split into two levels:

Undergraduate programmes include bachelor’s degrees, foundation degrees, higher national diplomas and many more

Postgraduate programmes include master’s degrees, MBAs, PhDs, doctorates and many more. Usually you need an undergraduate qualification to enter a postgraduate programme.

Reasons to Choose UK as the Destination of Higher Studies

Gain a world-class education: UK higher education offers inspiring teaching, excellent facilities and a world-class research environment.  It hosts world’s top four universities out of six universities. UK education helps to develop your skills, gives freedom to be creative, and the support you need to achieve your best. UK universities and colleges invest in excellent facilities starting from libraries, computer and science labs to sports centers, theaters and art studios.

Achieve an internationally recognized degree: UK higher education qualifications are recognized and respected by employers and academics worldwide.

Prepare your career: UK qualifications hike your earnings. UK-educated international graduates achieve higher average salaries. UK universities and colleges have strong links with industry. Many courses offer you the option of a year in industry too, which is an excellent way to prepare you for the world of work. Employers are increasingly looking for multilingual graduates with multicultural experience. UK higher education gives an opportunity to meet people from all over the world, providing an excellent introduction to global business environments.

Perfect your English language skills: English is widely regarded as the language of international business. Studying in UK helps to learn the language through study, friends and everyday life. Additional support like English language classes offer language improvement sessions across the UK.

Desirable Studies: There are thousands of courses for UK higher education. One can choose a course that matches his goals and interests. One can study online or on campus, in the UK or even at an overseas campus.

Save time and money: UK undergraduate and postgraduate courses are generally shorter than in other countries, helping to keep the cost of tuition fees and living expenses down.

Unique cultural adventure: Studying in the UK is an opportunity to discover the unique culture of United Kingdom, countryside and cities. There is also a lot of adventure on offer, from music festivals and football matches to ancient castles and vibrant nightlife.

Be a part of international community: International students from all over the world come here for their higher education. The country has a multicultural society, with a great mix of people from different backgrounds. As a student, you know people from all over the world and are inspired by many cultures. Many universities and colleges provide international offices and advisers to ensure you feel welcome and are supported throughout your time in UK higher education.

Assured Quality:  UK universities and colleges are reviewed to ensure high standards of academic education, teaching, accommodation, welfare support and facilities to the students across the globe.

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