Jul 30, 2013

Spouse Visas: Making Your Marriage A Blissful Experience

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Getting married is a blissful affair usually associated with buying jewelry, selecting venue and often saving money for the future ahead. But the story is not the same for many. If you are planning to marry someone born and brought up in another country the adjustment would vary. In order to make a living with your partner it becomes mandatory for you to apply for a spouse visa. Spouse Visa UKThough the list is endless but the most prominent visas to name are UK Spouse Visa and Australian Spouse Visa. Nowadays, a number of visa consulting firms are available to provide you assured assistance all over the process. Irrespective of their conveniences served these companies also give reasonable coasting often complimented with great discounts.

Australia Spouse Visa is amongst the most demanded visas but at times becomes hard to attain. Similar to that of the other visas it also demands certain documentation formalities. A person married to Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia is eligible for such visa. Initially it is applicable for two years and later makes the person entitled as a permanent resident (Only in case of continuity of relationship).Though applying for a spouse visa is not as simple as it sounds and demands certain considerations. The very first step is to ensure that all your documents are placed in order prior to their submission. It is recommended to provide adequate documents so as to enhance your chances of getting visa approved. In order to simplify the process you can take assistance from visa consulting firms. As these firms acts a helping hand for you making your entire procedure simpler. USCIS documents, forms, petition filling, preparation for embassy interview, documents for final sponsorship are the part of assistance assured by Visa Consultants.

Due to spurious marriages taking place just for the sake of getting a visa, the process of applying for a UK Spouse Visa has become crucial. At times the legal formalities and the documentation process involved become so dreary that a professional help becomes mandatory to proceed.spouse visa Australia Thus it is always recommended to opt for a consultant rather than beating around the bush. The minimum age limit for applying for a visa is 21 years which fulfills your one eligibility to apply for the visa. Similar to that of other spouse visas a two year probationary period is also demanded in this procedure. The visa does not allow the candidate to become a permanent resident.

It is applicable for the duration of two years and if the relationship among the partners tends to continue then he/she is entitled as a permanent resident. In case of separation or relationship collapse the visa becomes invalid for the applicant irrespective of the cause of separation. Some of the recent changes applicable for the new applicants of UK Spouse Visa includes minimum income verge, Extending the two year probation to five years, Abolishment of immediate settlement allowing the couple to complete a five year probation especially when a couple has completed a four year probation.