May 10, 2013

New Changes In Visitor & Medical Visas For Australia

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The Australian government and Department of Immigration have introduced major changes in the visitor and medical treatment visa. There are few visas that no longer exist and few new visas have been introduced in the same category. Given below is the list of visas for which applications are no longer accepted.

  1. Tourist Visas (Subclass 676)
  2. Sponsored Family Visitor Visa ( Subclass 679)
  3. Business (Short Stay) Visa ( Subclass 456)
  4. Sponsored business visitor (short stay) visa (subclass 459)
  5. Medical Treatment (short stay) visa (subclass 675)
  6. Medical Treatment (long stay) visa (subclass 685)
  7. Electronic Travel Authority (visitor) (subclass 976)
  8. Electronic Travel Authority (business – short validity) (subclass 977)
  9. Electronic Travel Authority (business – long validity) (subclass 956).

Those individuals who were eligible for the above mentioned visas can apply for any of the following visas:

  1. Temporary work (short stay activity) visa (subclass 400)
  2. Visitor Visa (subclass 600)
  3. Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601)
  4. Medical Treatment Visa (subclass 602)
  5. eVisitor (subclass 651)

The details for above visas are as follows:

1) Temporary work (short stay activity) visa (subclass 400) – This visa allows you to come to Australia on a short term basis for work or work related activities like attending conferences and seminars or participate in cultural and social activities at the invitation of Australian organization.

You may be allowed to enter only or you may be able to travel to and from Australia as long as your visa is valid. This visa allows you to be in Australia till your visa is valid. The validity of the visa can range between a period of six weeks to three months. You can also bring your family with you if you have mentioned them in your visa application

You should meet the character and health requirements, should have a health insurance and also meet the financial visa.

2) Visitor Visa (subclass 600) – This visa is for individuals who want to visit Australia as tourists, for business purpose or visit their families. This visa has four streams namely:

Tourist Stream: This visa is for individuals who want to visit Australia on holidays or recreational purposes.

Business Visitor stream: This visa is for individuals travelling to Australia on short business visits.

Sponsored Family stream: This visa is for individuals wanting to travel to Australia to visit their families; your family member should sponsor your arrival and might be asked to give a bond.

Approved Destination Status stream: This visa is only for individuals from China travelling with organized tour groups. This visa allows you to travel to Australia for a holiday and visit families. You can also study in Australia for a period of three months, you can also do business activities, but there are some limitations. You can be given entry once or till your visa expires, on the accreditation of the immigration department.

3) Electronic Travel Authority (Subclass 601): This Electronic Travel Authority allows you to stay in Australia for up to 12 months, three months maximum on each visit. You can enter and exit Australia as many times as possible. The ETA is an electronically stored authority to travel to Australia; ETA is linked electronically to your passport. You can visit Australia as a tourist or on business purpose.

4) Medical Treatment Visa (subclass 602): This visa is for patients who want to get their treatment done in Australia. This visa allows you to stay in Australia for medical treatment; you can be granted a one time or multiple entry visas.

5) The last of the newly introduced visa is eVsitor (subclass 651).