Jul 9, 2014

Migrate to Australia from India

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Australia is an amazing country, which offers a wide gateway of opportunities for education and job settlement. Australia visa is a dream of aspiring students and job seekers who want to reflect a limelight into their career. Opportunities are for everyone- professionals, for businessman, for skilled workers, for students and the greatest factor that allures migrants from all over the world is Australia is known for its lifestyle and stabled economy. Migration rate towards Australia is consistently increasing year after year. People are migrating either due to ample job opportunities or due to good education system.

These are the main reasons why most of the people migrate to Australia. Australia is one of the fascinating continents, which enables people to migrate to this country. With the best opportunities of work it offers excellent educations to the children of the migrants. Besides, the Australian lifestyle is not highly expensive, so anyone can have it.

Australia lacks skilled workers who can live and work in Australia. Skilled workers with experience and qualification are required to support the Australia economy. There are various ways through which a skilled person can migrate. Skilled migration program of Australia is most applied program. Whether you are a doctor, businessman, mechanical engineer, consultant, construction manager, charted accountant, nurse, lawyer, or belongs to any other occupation, one finds a good job in Australia. Like other countries Australia also follows point based migration. Point based migration make sure that applicant migration to Australia is efficient in his/her work and are capable of adapting the Australian environment. Applicant need to clear some basic section under skilled migration program- language ability (applicant must have competent knowledge of English), qualification (applicant must have required qualification), experience (having experience can let you to gain extra points), age, and nomination/sponsorship.

If the interested applicant is applying though skillselect then he/she must first submit an EOI- expression of interest. But before lodging EOI applicant must have completed English language test (IELTS) and skill assessment. Skill assessment must be from a relevant national skill assessment authority. Under skill assessment applicant is assessed on the basis of various factors. Assessment authority will provide marks under skill assessment. Also evidences are required in regards to your support financially in Australia. You are also required to show health and character certificate. Once migrating to Australia one can enjoy various legal and medical aids. One can also apply for Australian permanent resident after migrating to Australia. Australian permanent resident allows migrant to reside and work in Australia.

The procedure and processing time of visa depends on the visa category you have opted for. There are various programs for visa under Australian immigration program. These programs are divided under various subclasses. These subclasses have further various sections. It is difficult for one to remember all the visa categories and subclasses. An applicant may need to hire a migration agent. Immigration consultants help the applicant on every stage of the immigration process. Small error can lead to the cancellation of the visa to avoid such condition it becomes necessary for one to approach them. Immigration consultancy services provide consultant efficient services. There are various consultancy services in India they can help you to immigrate to Australia from India.