Apr 15, 2014

Carry out Business with Investment Visa Australia

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Investment Visa Australia is a visa category that is granted to people who are interested in investing in a business there. The Investor visa (Provisional), also known as Subclass 162. This type of visa is for people who are not currently residing in Australia.  This visa is granted only for those individuals who have a business that is already successful of investment career in Australia. You can get this visa, and it is the first step towards a Business Skills visa which is permanent. However, this is a short-term visa and also a temporary one. After the completion of the short-term one for two years, you can apply for either an investor, state-territory sponsored investor, state/territory sponsored business owner, or a business owner visa. If you are living in Australia as a student, it becomes valid from the grant date, or if you are a foreign non-resident, outside of Australia, it is valid from the entry expiration date.

This visa allows you to bring your partner, your children, and other relatives who reside with you. You cannot have access to the government’s health care, but you can get private health insurance. To be an eligible investor, you can invest in the following types of investments: a business loan you make to someone, having an ownership interest in a going concern, stocks and bonds, gold or silver, real estate, and cash on deposit. The requirements to get an Investor 162 visa are you have to be less than 45 years old, have notified the regional authority of the state or territory where you live about your intention to grow your business venture, and have made a designated investment of AUD $1,500,000, which can be transferred over to the government whenever required. You must also be a native speaker of English or hold an accreditation in English. For at least one out of five years before you can apply for your visa, you must have managed direct involvement in a business.

You must have some general business experience, which shows a high degree of management skills. You and your partner must not have engaged in questionable or unacceptable business activities. You must also be committed to developing your legitimate business in Australia and take part in managing the business. You must have a net value of AUD $2,250,000 invested in the business. You must be in good health, and be of good character to be admitted to Australia.  The steps required for the visa application are follows: you must notify the state/territory authority of what you intend to do about your business. Then fill out and lodge your application. You must correctly lodge your application, and then you can make your designated investment.