Jun 10, 2013

Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks – A World Heritage Site

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The part of Rocky Mountains in easternmost part of the Canadian Cordillera is known as Canadian Rockies. It is the collective name for the continuous sequence of mountain ranges in western part of Canada. These mountain ranges are surrounded by Canadian Prairies on the east and Rocky Mountain Trench on the west. The mountain ranges to the west of the Rocky Mountain Trench in Southern British Columbia are not considered to be a part Canadian Rockies and are known as Columbia Mountains.

Drive on the spectacular alpine ice-fields this summer among the sky-piercing peaks of Canadian Rockies in one of the five national parks located within the Canadian Rockies. These five parks are Banff, Jasper, Kootney, Joho and Waterton. All of the parks are included in list of World Heritage Sites except Waterton. Enter a world of plunging waterfalls, turquoise blue-lakes, yellow-leaved aspens and peaks covered with canopies of conifers. Slip into low gear and glimpse a grizzly or a bighorn sheep as you reach a Bow summit.

Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest national park, established in 1885 in the Rocky Mountains. It encircles 6641 square kilometers of mountainous terrain with numerous glaciers and ice-fields, dense coniferous forests and picturesque alpine landscapes. The Icefields Parkway extends from Lake Louise connecting to Jasper National Park in north.

In Banff, enter a mineral-crusted natural hot spring-cave. Follow an old-growth trail past Lake Louise up to a tiny, secret teahouse. Pull into the tiny village of Jasper and settle in by the roaring fire of the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. Sip an extra Burgandy and travel through mountainous terrain along scenic valleys, rolling plateaus and finally snowy peaks of the Canadian Rockies in Rocky Mountaineer train.

The 34-mile Rockwall trail in Kootney National Park combines soaring peaks, outrageous wildflowers, groaning glaciers and crystal clear melt water lakes. Hike at the Provincial Route 93 and climb 3200 feet wall above. The next day wade across Numa and Tumbling Passes and witness the hanging glacier on the east flank of Mount Gray and descend to trail camp at Tumbling Creek.
The Bow River is at absolute heart of the wildly popular Baniff National Park, so very few people think to paddle it. The river allows ample time to lay back and admire the endless procession of pyramid-shaped peaks.

The five national parks – Banff, Jasper, Kootney, Joho and Waterton protect the lion’s share of the sights and together they make up one of the world’s most stunning outdoor playground.
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