Apr 21, 2014

Canadian Business Investor Visa is a Blessing for the Investors

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Canada has advanced its economic freedom, the third among st developed economies. The substantial development includes investment freedom, fiscal freedom, and the management of public spending, have enabled Canada to elevate its economic freedom. The stable and transparent business climate makes Canada one of the world’s appealing destinations. Acceptance to global trade, commerce and investment is firmly standardized and the economy has rebounded relatively quickly from the global recession. The stable financial system and the discreet regulations have allowed banks to withstand the global financial chaos with little disruption. Canada welcomes the business people with ample opportunities. The investors are privileged with affluent pathways that take to their growth as well as for the economy. People migrate to Canada in large number with an intention to invest in the country so that the country prospers and create job opportunities.  The country warmly invites the investors who can commence new business and compete in global standards.  The Canadian Business Investor Visa facilitates to fulfil your dreams. This visa ensures the right to work in Canada. A job offer is not required for visa grant in fact the visa holder gets a permanent resident status which can lead to Canadian citizenship after three years of successful business in Canada.

The Maple country – Canada is considered to be the best place for the investors to invest as the country offers a large ground of choices and favorable circumstances. There are few criteria for the investment level. A person has to invest a minimum of CDN$ 1.6 million. This is the only visa through which a person can immigrate to Canada without any age restrictions, without any offer job offer letter. A person can contribute an amount of CDN$ 800 000 with the government which is refundable. Else the person can invest a non refundable amount of CDN$ 120 000. The visa is granted as per the points achieved while evaluation. Canadian Business Investor visa can award 20 to 35 points. Education qualifications can give maximum points from Master’s degree / PhD and a minimum of 17 years in full-time study. The point’s scores less as the educational level goes down. Language skills are also very important and Canada expects that the migrant is well versed with at least one of the official languages in Canada – English or French. If the applicant is comfortable with both the official languages, then maximum points are given else according to the proficiency per language the points are granted.

The age factor does not matter for this category of visa application still, maximum points can be achieved in the age range of 21 to 49 and beyond this limit two points are reduced from the maximum points for every additional age above the age of 49 and to be noted that no points are awarded for the age below 17 and above 53. Adaptability to the Canadian society also attracts points and this has to be proved by either a visit in the preceding 5 years of the application or would have participated in an immigration program by the joint federal provincial initiative. The main attraction of the business investor visa is the provision for spouse and dependent’s immigration, by allowing husband, wife, common-law partner, or unmarried partner to join the investor in Canada. Unmarried dependent children under the age of 22 can also easily migrate to Canada and join the investor with this visa.