May 23, 2014

Benefits of Australian Working Holiday Visa

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The number of young people wishing to travel and work in Australia on the Working Holiday Visa has been increased year after year. A working holiday is when you spend a significant amount of time in another country and have the working rights to back it up.  With this setup, you are able to pick up a job or two (or 6) and break that arrangement up by travelling or moving on to a new location in the country.  Professional work experience in a country like Australia amounts to a whole package of benefits. It expands your learning dimensions not only in a professional sense but also in more personal ways. It teaches you valuable lessons about your abilities, boosts your confidence and gives you a whole new perspective on your work and life and the world in general. And you would have earned a decent wage in the process.

1.) A working holiday visa gives you longer to travel.

A working holiday visa grants you access to a country for a longer period of time than a tourist visa.  In Australia, the tourist visa is for 3 months when a working holiday visa grants you country-roaming rights for 12 months.  Even if you don’t work at all, the working holiday visa could be a good option for the individual that wants to stay in Australia for as long as possible without needing to deal with exiting and entering multiple times for visa renewal.

2.) The getaway is sustainable

With a working holiday visa, you can work as you go. The travel is sustainable in the sense that you can keep refilling your travel funds with casual employment.

3.) You can leave sooner

Without the need to save up thousands and thousands of dollars in advance, you can leave for overseas adventures sooner with a working holiday visa.

4.) It provides an opportunity to try your hand at various trades.

With a working holiday visa, you are basically given the opportunity to test out any type of job, and you are probably put in a position to accept ones that you normally wouldn’t when at home.  You never know what you might discover.  A working holiday, in this sense, could end up being a life-changing experience.

5.) You can give your holiday more structure.

Many travellers find themselves, when staying in hostels night after night, participating in parties and drinking activities more often.  Not only does this cause you to deplete your travel funds, it might also lead you to doing less of the real travel activities you came for in the first place.  By splicing in some working here and there, it helps to put you on a schedule and keep your travels more structured.

6.) A working holiday makes a good break.

A popular time to sign up for a working holiday is that break between high school and college or the break after college and before entering the real working world.  Later working holiday experiences are often used by individuals as a way to get out of a rutt with a job back home and have new choices.  The reason the working holiday is so great is because it allows for this break with some employment opportunities in the mix.

7.) You may make more local friends.

When you’re backpacking or jumping from place to place constantly, the majority of the people you meet – in hostels or on tours, for example – are simply other tourists.  By taking up employment in a country abroad, you are more likely to meet and make friends with the locals, and that can do wonders for really introducing you to a culture.

8.) Gain a better cultural understanding

There is a lot to do and learn in a country on short holidays.  This may lead to a general understanding of a culture, there’s no getting around how much more you will learn with an extended working holiday stay.  In addition, you will have actual working experience in a foreign country, which may or may not be of benefit to you on your return back home.

9.) It builds a better resume.

A working holiday builds a better resume comes down to the field you intend to work in down the road, as well as the type of work you will be undertaking while abroad.  Some employers might enjoy that a potential employee has work experience and cultural understanding abroad.

10.) It gives the chance to assess a potential expat location.

Working holiday visa gives a person the opportunity to stay for an extended period in another country. It allows for individuals the chance to assess whether or not this would be a good permanent move.