Apr 16, 2014

Advantage your Career – Work in Canada

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Migrants in crowd apply annually to work in Canada under laws that allow them to accept employment in the country. People across the world who want to work in Canada can apply through the foreign worker program for a temporary work permit if they meet certain immigration requirements. In many cases, these employees fill positions that economically benefit the country because a shortage of skilled workers exists. The process to apply for a Canadian work permit follows specific steps outlined in the country’s immigration laws.

An anticipated employer can help a foreigner determine eligibility for the foreign worker program by requesting a labour market opinion from Human Resources and Social Development Canada. This agency evaluates the negative or positive impact to the country from hiring immigrant workers. It analyzes the availability of Canadian residents who could perform the job and determines if the applicant brings needed skills to Canada. If the government issues a positive labour market opinion, it allows a foreigner to apply for a work permit. The opinion usually comes with a time limit so economic conditions can be re-evaluated if an extension is requested.

The applicants must provide proof of job offers by submitting contracts or letters from the employers. They must also provide documentation of their education, experience, and training that qualifies them for positions in Canada, and a copy of the positive labour market opinion. Application packets need to include proof that applicants can legally return to their home countries once the Canada work permit expires. The completed application can be submitted in the country of legal residency. In some cases, it can be turned into Canadian officials once the foreigner arrives.

Once the application is approved, the Canadian government issues a temporary resident visa. If foreign workers plan to bring their spouses and children, these relatives might also be eligible to apply for permission to work. Often, these relatives can accept any open position without obtaining a labour market opinion based on the type of work the primary applicant performs. Family members must present documents from employers offering jobs and proof of employment.

Canadian law differs for immigrants who serve as caretakers within the foreign worker program. Work permits spanning four years cover the caretakers who can show they are qualified to accept these positions because of education, training, or experience in the profession. Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations offer certain rights to caretakers and protection against abuse. These regulations cover work hours, overtime pay, minimum wages, and paid holidays. The caretakers must provide proof of a medical examination showing good health to qualify for a Canadian work permit.