Jun 16, 2014

Acquire Australia Permanent Residency to Immigrate Australia

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Australia has maintained itself in the top ranking countries where people want to live in. The smallest continent is an ultimate example of amazing natural beauty, at the same time it offers a great standard of living to its citizens with plenty of opportunities and a balanced lifestyle. This is what attracts large number of migrants for permanent residency to Australia. Every year, the Australian federal acknowledges millions of permanent resident applications from people all over the world. Australia provides immigration facilities to skilled people and those with personal relations. Thus, becoming a PR of Australia could be a simple or complicated process as per your present qualification status along with our work experience and your English grammar. With several visa subclasses present, it gets important to know which one is the most appropriate to apply for: Below are some common ideas to get Australian PR:

Application through General Skilled Migration: This is the most recommended idea if you don’t have any employer to sponsor you. The candidate is selected via points test system where one requires 60 points to acquire eligibility. This visa includes subclass 189, subclass 489 and subclass 190. The qualification requirements are: The age should be between 18 to 50 years, the pass marks in IELTS, The nominated job should come in the Skilled Occupations List, An invite of EOI lodging should be there. You can avail sponsorship from your spouse or partner who is either a permanent resident or citizen of Australia. The sponsoring person should grant a legitimate undertaking to help you in the initial two years in the nation.

You can even get sponsored by any of your family members.  Establish and manage a business for an existing or new business opportunity in Australia. The other ideas include graduate skilled visa, critical skill list, work experience, further study, state nomination and bridging visas. It is important to categories your residency under family migration, partner migration, skilled migration and corporate migration for permanent residency. Permanent residency is not like a selection panel but works like a check list, one can either meet the selection criteria or don’t. Once you meet the criteria, you will be granted your visa and vice versa. There are several companies that help you get your permanent residency, however, one should make thorough research before going for consultancy to a particular company.

The private immigration firms provide you with the right ideas and assistance for permanent residency in Australia. Check out that the firm is authentically registered with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority). The company will also help you with appropriate visa processing for Australia PR with all kinds of issues. It company should also avail PIER, MIA and ICCRC certificates which explains that no matter what relocation and immigration services. It should promptly provide all possible resolutions to satisfy your relocating needs.