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457 Temporary Business Work Visa Program Australia

It is a temporary work visa for working in Australia. This visa is different from other work visa permit that is being issued to the international skilled workers. The temporary work visa 457 program is for the Australian employer to sponsor approved skilled workers to work in Australia on temporary basis. The visa holder can be employed for a period of 3 months to 4 years. Skilled worker is only allowed to work for a government approved sponsoring company. An Australian employer must show that there is lack of skills in Australian citizen or permanent resident to do the skilled job before nominating a foreign skilled worker. Holders of the subclass 457 visa have no limitation on the number of times they travel in and out of Australia. The skilled worker is entitled to work for their sponsoring company only and cannot take up job in any other organization during the period.

Visa Acquiring Process (Subclass 457 Business-Long Stay Visa)

To get through the application process of 457 visas, the applicant must have a government approved Australian employer to sponsor them. The three main steps in the visa application processes are:


The sponsorship step is for the employers who wish to sponsor a foreign skilled worker for temporary work. A standard sponsor has no limitation on number of skilled workers they nominate for the skilled position. The sponsor can also check the details of the person they have sponsored to come to Australia and work for them. To check the details they can go through the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) site.

How to become a sponsor:

To become a sponsor, the employer must exhibit their loyalty towards employing local Australian labour as well besides nominating foreign skilled labour. The process of recruitment should also be fair for both local and foreign skilled worker. For getting an approval to sponsor foreign workers the sponsor should also excel in the following points.

  • Is a lawfully operating business
  • Meets training requirements (Australian businesses only)
  • Agrees to the number of subclass 457 workers to be nominated
  • Have no relevant adverse information against your business.

Another type of business sponsorship is through standard business sponsors. It is one of the most common pathways to sponsor a skilled worker using the subclass 457 visa. The sponsor must lodge an application to get the approval of standard business sponsorship program. An employer is entitled to have just 1 standard business sponsorship and this is valid for 3 years. This sponsorship can be extended. The business of the employer should be in Australia.

The sponsor must make the attestation and the declaration about their workplace record in the sponsorship application form. The sponsor is eligible to enter into a labour agreement if the occupation of the workers they want to employ is not listed on the Skilled Occupation Lists (Formerly Known as Form 1121i) or the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO). The employer has to show that there is a genuine and systemic shortage of skilled workers and there are no suitably qualified Australian workers available.

This labour agreement can take at least six months to be negotiated. It comes into effect when it has been signed by all parties involved in the negotiations and it lasts for 3 years. Any breach in the terms and conditions of the agreement leads to the termination of the sponsorship.